Diligence. Experience. Personal.

S.F.R. Electrical PTY LTD is a professional electrical company that has been in the industry for more than 30 years. The business was founded in 2006 and is a family run business. We specialise in the provision of professional electrical and solar services for both commercial and residential premises. We have great experience and incredible workmanship when it comes to the provision of electrical services.

Our team clearly understands the need to maintain your electrical systems in a safe and properly functional condition. We have the expertise to carry all the electrical work that you might need. We also specialize in array of electrical installations as well as electrical upgrades for our customers.

Our expertise also extends into interior and exterior lighting décor. We can add ideal lighting installations in your premises that will create a perfect blend and ambience in your home interiors. Whether you are looking for strategically placed lighting, pool lighting or even emergency lighting, you can count on our expertise in the area to offer you the best solutions.

Not only will our team provide your house with the electrical systems that it needs, but you will be educated on everything we have to offer so that you are making the right decision for what suits you and your home best. 

Greg Beakhurst
Director and Head Electrician 
Clare Beakhurst
Executive Director 

Greg is a fully qualified electrician who has been in the industry for more than 30 years. He founded SFR Electrical back in 2006 after being in the industry for several years in order to bring customers a personal approach.

Clare is one of the cofounders of SFR Electrical and has been with the company since it started 11 years ago.  

Brendan Weber

Brendan is a fully qualified electrician who has worked for SFR Electrical for 7 years now. 

Troy Clare

Troy is a first year apprentice who has been with SFR Electrical for 1 year heading into his second year with the company. 

Finn Beakhurst
Trade Assistant 

Finn is a trade assistant who has been with SFR Electrical for a year now.

Samuel Brothers
Trade Assistant

Samuel is a trade assistant who is new to SFR Electrical.

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